Best Music Venues in Chicago

People argue that Chicago possesses the best collection of music venues in the nation. Ranging from the divey-ist dives to the classiest halls Chicago has it all. In fact, the city has rooms for each collection of music and a large portion of them are jumping in seven days a week. Most towns would be upbeat to have maybe a couple great clubs, but Chicago is really lucky to have such awesome music venues. So, without further ado, here are some undisputed and best music venues in Chicago.

  1. Township

The MpShows has been the long time promoter of this venue. They have been around several venues. They are notoriously famous for being one of the longest enduring genuine independent promoters in Chicago. In fact, they start booking punk rock bills at Fireside Bowl when the place was actually breaking apart around you. Now, with Township, they at long last have a permanent home base keeping in mind that doesn’t keep them from as yet putting on shows at a variety of venues. It feels like the bills at Township are nearest to their heart. Both nearby up and comers and national visiting acts play this comfortable room and late moves up to the stage and improvement in the sound system have made it a little venue with huge aspirations. The Township is situated at 2200 N. California Ave.

  1. Lincoln Hall

In case, the Schubas catches the underdogs, the big Lincoln Hall is the place where the crop of buzz bands regularly performs upon resulting visits to Chicago. Opened in 2009, the club is one of the cleanest and best lit clubs in the city. It is located in Chicago’s family-friendly Lincoln Park neighborhood. Recently, the Mumford and Sons, Fiona Apple and M83 have graced the stage lately. It is located in 2424 North Lincoln Avenue.

  1. Metro

After moving to a new city, the first real attraction you visit will hold an extraordinary spot in your heart. For many people, the Metro music venue is that kind of attraction. But, that isn’t the main reason for being one of the most loved venues in the city. The size is simply right to catch bands on the cusp of breaking huge concerts. Small People can more often than not locate a decent spot around the sides of the stage. If you arrive early, it will not be a bad view from the balcony as well. Also, after a show I can make a beeline for Smartbar and dance until the morning, an extraordinary two for one venue bargain. So, the Metro will always be the flagship music venue in Chicago. Metro is situated at 3730 N. Clark St.

  1. Bottom Lounge

If you are a man of average height, it will be tough for you to see the band playing even if it is half full. This is why Bottom Lounge is a favorite choice for most of the average height and general people. It’s a small venue and the standing room before the stage isn’t lurched at everything except the stage is tall and the room is wide. There’s a lot of space for moving around and locate your optimal viewing spot notwithstanding when it’s a full house. So, the Bottom Lounge can basically fill any concert goer’s requirements.

  1. City Winery Chicago

The City Winery Chicago music venue is one of the most intimate venues in the city. It possesses a complex performance space with all the necessities of a perfect music venue. The venue hosts music lineups ranging from rock and pop to comedy to folk music to jazz and soul. The seating spots put the concert goers right beside the stage which can be scary in case you’re seeing an engaging and showy vocalist like Bettye LaVette. The measurement of space makes for comfortable exhibitions in the middle of craftsman and a group of onlookers. To put it simply, the experience of watching a music show at this venue is similar to watching a band performance in the living room.

To finish off, I am sure you will love to see live performances in one of the above music venues. These venues are one of the best. And each year, they attract a lot of music lovers who tend to thrive in music shows or concerts!

Guide to badminton and squash stringing

The string is a vital part of any racquet. Just like good speakers make a lot of difference to your music system, an appropriate string can make a lot of improvement in your play. A good string offers you high resilience, less shock, better feel and more control on the racquet. Whether you are playing badminton or squash, an appropriate string tension can bring the whole lot of difference into your game. There are two types of strings are available in the market:

(1) Strings made of natural guts material

(2) Synthetic gut material.

The natural gut string is highly expensive and most efficient string in the market. These strings offer excellent elasticity, great tension stability, comfort, and feel. Such strings are highly popular among professional players. As these strings are less durable and expensive this gave the need to look for an alternate type of strings. Synthetic gut material strings emerged as an alternative to natural gut string. These strings are more durable and less expensive in compare to their alternate. These strings are generally made through any of the four material nylon string, polyester string, multifilament string and hybrid string.

One more important property of the string is its thickness. Thickness is measured in gauge. Higher the gauge value thinner the string is. Different games require strings of different gauge value. Squash strings are available only in two sizes 17 and 18 gauges. While badminton strings are available in 20 and 22 gauges. Property of strings does not change the game. High gauge strings generate more power and have high tension retention while lesser gauge strings are comparatively durable and offers the higher degree of control but are not comparatively powerful.

Choosing the right string tension is one of the most important equipment decisions a badminton or squash player can make. For example, the power required in a game of squash is higher in compare to a game of badminton hence you require thinner string racquet in the game of squash. Another important decision for any player to make is choosing the appropriate string tension. String tension can vary between 16lb to 26lb. This decision should be taken on the basis of (1) the type of string used (2) power- control ratio.

Now you know while buying a racquet what all factors you should consider related to strings. There is a possibility you might be looking for restringing of you racquet. In that situation, you might have few queries like how frequently should I need to re-string my racquet or how to achieve longer string life for your racquet? The answers to all these questions are dependent on the type of string in the frequency of the game you play like if you play for four hours in a week then you should restring your racquet every quarter. Looking for badminton stringing in Toronto? Check out ATR Sports, they also handle tennis and squash stringing. You can use some protective tape on the head of your racquet it would ensure friction is avoided a thus life of strings are extended.

At last choose the string for your racquet wisely and ensure you maintain it properly to enjoy games of badminton and squash.